Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What Makes a LED Signs Company Tick?

No one needs to be told that present is the age of electronic signs. You need the glowing eye-catchy informative machines if you want to increase mind recall of your brand, garner new customers, to make the latest discount known and of course increase sales. Though visual media is still popular but when it comes to cost, most of the small and medium players rule it out. This opens the avenue for digital signage. However, before placing the order for the billboard, one needs to be sure about the manufacturing and installing company because mistake in this area can turn out to be a dear one.

So, here are the points that make a digital automated systems company tick?


This point probably applies in every field of business or service. Experience in a particular field comes from years spent in the same field trying to evolve better systems and improving processes. A novice lacks the expertise of a seasoned player and this is why people prefer service providers that have spent years in the same business. And if, by chance, the product or service has the nature of burning a big hole in pocket, then this point become very crucial because a newbie can spoil the party in the very beginning.

Efficient Sales Team

You must be wondering why something like sales team is so important. Well, the fact is that it is the sales officials that guide the sale of a client who is interested but is not sure what he is looking for. An efficient sales official tries to understand the need of the client and then suggests appropriate digital displays. Without guidance from a sales official, probability of making a wrong choice becomes greater.

Wide Installation Network

Purchasing automated systems from a company that doesn’t provide services of installation could turn out to be a costly affair. Installation professionals also play a crucial role in sight surveys and landlord approval if the two are necessary.


The factor is a never ending cost if not provided by the digital signs company. Regularly scheduled maintenance programs save money if included in the package itself and thus work in favor of the client in the long term. Such programs also enhance the life of the product.

Apart from the above mentioned points, there are many other that need to be looked at while scouring for a digital systems company. Unfortunately, number of firms that qualify in all the factors is limited. But this doesn’t mean that they are rare species that couldn’t be found!

Ad Systems is one such company which designs, manufactures installs and services automated display systems for its clients. It has been in the business of scrolling LED signs for more than three decades. Like most of the distinguished players in a business, it also plays the role of one stop solution provider for its clients covering everything starting from image design, product engineering, project management, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

In its applications, it offers products for financial, institutional, gaming, corporate and commercial fields which include indoor as well as outdoor systems.  

In short, companies like Ad Systems covers almost everything that makes a digital signage company tick.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The LED Future

Nobody has seen the future but it is quite possible to draw conclusions on the basis of present trends. And if we look at the advertising and signage trend, the future is surely LED. Though the idea is not too hard to decipher if one looks around and observe, let’s make some concrete points which will indicate towards a world dominated by LED signs.

Diminishing Sales of Print Media

Everything associated with the word ‘print’ is going out of firepower. Books, newspapers, magazines and everything with paper and ink are going through diminishing sales. Web pages, e-books and e-magazines have replaced the good old paper. In such a scenario, advertising or using such outdated mediums for communication could be a bad idea.

Choking Audio and Visual Media

Reaching a wider audience lead to a rat race for getting visual and audio media advantage and the same eventually lead to the choking present. Commercials are just too many to make a sense of them. Moreover, the money charged for advertising is so mind boggling that advertisers have started groping for other avenues.  

Considering necessity is the mother of invention, the popularization of electronic billboard advertising doesn’t come as a shock to anyone. LED brings a number of advantages on the table. So, let’s underline some of them first.

Firstly, owner is in total control of what he wants to convey. From latest deals to discounts, anything can be put in front of the world by using LED signage.

Secondly, it helps a great deal in capturing the attention of people who pass by your business address but never bother to drop in because they don’t know what is on offer.

Thirdly, outdoor signs LED have advertising potential for small, medium and large businesses equally. While small businesses can use LED displays outside their building, large behemoths can take advantage by putting hundreds of screens in an area to increase visibility.

However, the growth of digital billboards to advertise has been slow because of initial cost, frequent repairs and maintenance expenses involved. But the scene is changing, all thanks to players like Ad Systems.

The company has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing automated display systems for over three decades now. Being in the LED video displays business has given the company insights that have helped it in evolving better products and services for its clients.

Its design and sales staff work in close proximity to help the client decide on the product that will best suit his needs. Ad Systems believes in the concept of regularly scheduled maintenance programs that increases the life of their digital products.

By putting into use proprietary computer software systems, account managers keep client update about progress being made in manufacturing, sales, design & engineering, and service capabilities.  Cost effectiveness is the other field in which Ad Systems scores through its innovative products and engineering techniques.

It is due to such companies that scrolling LED signs are in such a great demand by business who wishes to connect with their customer in the best possible way. Hence, the future is bound to be LED.
About Ad Systems- It is a digital signscompany which designs, manufactures, installs and services automated digital systems. It has been in the business of digital signage for the last three decades and is a known name all around the world for its varied indoor outdoor signage systems.  

Monday, 7 May 2012

The LED Powered Future of Business

Just the way seasons change, the advertising trends in businesses also change. With the advancement of technology, different ideas caught the fancy of businesses. There came the time of print media when everyone was rushing to get into that column of the newspaper (the phenomena still persists but only with a great diminishing of interest). Then, radios and television came and entrepreneurs rushed to reach out to millions through one communication. The duo dominated the scene till they became too cluttered to make sense. The future, forecasters say, is powered by LED.

LED Display Screens are being hailed as the future of advertising. Print, audio and common visual modes of advertising are still active and attract quite an inflow of money but because of the promotions bombardment, it has become difficult for an advertiser to leave an impact. In addition to this, except print ads, other mediums require loads of money to air a single commercial. In such times, investing in a LED based platform could be the most reasonable choice. 

LED displays could be used indoors as well as outdoors to make the potential customer aware of products on offer, discounts, schemes, new deals and other attractive offers. Getting a digital signs advertisement outside a business means making the passersby aware of the product on offer. Such platforms work like magic for small and medium business. By getting one such installed, businesses catch customer’s unhindered attention.

However, reasons behind the slow growth of signage communication medium are installation costs, servicing charges, maintenance cost and related expenditures. But perceptions are changing because of companies like Ad Systems. The company deals in installing, manufacturing and servicing all types of Automated Display Systems and offers a bundle of packages that makes LED signage an investment of value-for-money.

The service that has made Ad Systems famous amongst small and medium business is their five year service support offer. It doesn’t charges any money on servicing for the mentioned period. The company has been active in the business of electronic signs for more than three decades now and enjoys a standing in the market.  

To cater to bigger players who wish to make an impact over vast territories through Automated Display Systems, Ad System has evolved web-based Display Network Manager Software through which hundreds of displays could be controlled from one system only.

Ad Systems has established itself as a one stop solution provider of automated systems. By providing assistance in image design, product engineering, project management, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, they cover almost every part of building and maintaining display systems.

To capture different markets, it has segregated its display applications into different categories. Commercial, industrial, corporate, institutional, financial, government and gaming are the major divisions in which company offers products in Indoor and Outdoor advertising  categories. This has helped the firm in realizing its true potential in the long run.

Hence, the future of automated display systems is bright and of businesses making use of it is even brighter.