Monday, 2 September 2013

AD Systems – Using Digital Displays Technology to Change Advertising

AD SYSTEMS is the expert in outdoor LED digital display technology. Digital billboards are revolutionizing the outdoor advertising industry. Digital billboard advertising gives advertisers the ability to instantly change ads on one billboard or on hundreds of billboards simultaneously at the simple keystroke of a computer. Messages can easily be scheduled to rotate automatically from board to board and multiple advertisements can be programmed to display on one billboard face. This is a quantum leap in technology that now gives outdoor advertising the same capabilities as radio, TV and the Internet – plus much more!

Buying Digital Displays Sign Board

AD Systems is one of the most distinguished digital displays brand in USA. Active in the business for more than three decades, it offers vast range of indoor-outdoor electronic billboards, message boards, and signage solutions. It is favored by industries and commercial establishments for digital LED signs because of sturdy products & power saving technology. 

Every industrial unit follows some norms during the production process, and it is very important from the safety point of view that workers are completely aware of them. Digital signage is popularly used at manufacturing spaces to help new workers in getting familiar with work guidelines. For experienced workers, such displays serve as reminders.

When it comes to display and signage selection, manufacturers choose suppliers that are known for sturdy products. AD Systems is one of the leading US suppliers of display equipment for industry applications. With industry experience of more than three decades, it is a respectable name for automated digital systems.

The LEDs can be interconnected and wired with a conventional process used to wire computer chips, he added. And because LEDs can be placed far apart and still provide enough light, the panels and displays can be nearly transparent.

“We can put them on a strip of plastic and make brake lights,” said Rogers, who noted that the project was initially funded in part by Ford Motor Co, which was looking for a way to make brake lights that can follow the contour of a car.  The National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy also funded the project. More details Visit here Website.

Commercial LED Business Signs

AD Systems helps such commercial units and stores in expanding aggressively by offering a vast range of indoor-outdoor automated digital systems at competitive prices. Known for its fully integrated communications and identity solutions, it designs, manufactures, installs, and services digital machines all over the world.

For small and medium businesses, Ad Systems ( offers attractive financing options.

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ADsystems LED is in the business of Digital Displays since three decades having large variety in Electronic, Billboards, Message boards.We are also renowned name in this industry and get the titled of Best LED Manufacturer in USA.

AD SYSTEMS is the expert in managing large scale Outdoor Digital Advertising Networks. Our powerful web-based Display Network Manager software allows advertisers to easily manage hundreds of displays across the country. No other network management software is as powerful or as user-friendly. From our state of the art display management software to our dedicated content creation and management team, we make sure the operation of your digital advertising display is as simple and painless as possible.