Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What Makes Ad Systems a Wise Choice?

When a product comes with a big price tag, people usually take every step to make sure that they get the best of the best. However, the same doesn’t happen every time as sometimes people mistakenly set the bar of ‘the best’ low. In the field of advertisement displays,  Ad Systems makes sure that people get the best for what they pay and the same makes choosing the firm a wise choice. Below mentioned are some of the points through which Ad Systems sets itself apart from its rivals:

More LED’s Per Pixel

To make sure that its clients get the best display machines, Ad Systems focuses on technology. While most of the display options in the market come with 4 LED’s per pixel, Ad Systems offers 6 LED’s per pixel which makes their digital displays more colorful and bright. It is a well known fact that success of digital Scrolling sign, depends mainlyon the screens being used and the same gives Ad Systems an edge over its competitors.

Timely Delivery

There is nothing that irritates a client more than placing an order for outdoor signs led and then have to call again and again to ask when the delivery be made. Ad Systems acknowledges the fact and thus makes sure that the placed order is dispatched as soon as possible. While standard products are in stock for quick shipment, custom ones usually reach clients doorsteps in six to eight weeks. The firm acknowledges that delays are only lost opportunities to communicate with customers and it does everything to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Tough Products

Outdoor displays have to bear everything that nature has on offer and most of the time, it is not something good. Outdoor machines have to brave rains, snow, storms, winds, heat waves and a lot more. Thus, to guarantee long term benefits from the display machine, one needs to make sure that nothing else but tough products are installed. Automated display Systems have a reputation for making display systems that can take the roughest blows of nature and thus save money for the business which would otherwise be spent on repairs.

5 Years Warranty

It takes confidence on one’s products and expertise to offer such a long span of warranty period, and Ad Systems has the same. It holds the distinction of being the first to offer 5 year warranty period on all its LED displays. No additional money is asked from clients in case of such repairs, saving them from unnecessary expenses. Hence, getting a LED video displays from Ad system is financially a smart choice.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Make Indoors More Productive with Ad Systems

When it comes to electronic signs, businesses usually have the perception that outdoor billboards and screens are all that need to be addressed and talked about. Though outdoor advertising have a much wider reach and plays a crucial role in bringing new footfalls to the store, role of indoor advertising could not be undermined. Ad Systems, a major player in the automated display systems, explains how indoors could be made more productive;

To disperse information

In a mega retail store, there are a number of products on offer. In the hullabaloo of shopping carts and discounts, people sometimes don’t notice the deals they would otherwise be interested in. Indoor display screens could be used by businesses to disperse information about such deals and money saving offers. Such display tools if placed at a prominent location are bound to work in favor of the business.  

For Communication  

Your store has started offering a new line of products that were not available earlier. So, what do you think would be the best way to communicate the same to the customers already treading the huge store? Well, display screens could be a smart choice. Apart from new arrivals, discounts, new deals and even general information could be displayed by making use of  LED message board.  Being of eye catching nature, communication is very effective when routed through digital displays and sales are also very likely.  

Employee Interaction

A business also needs to communicate effectively with one’s employees from time to time. In manufacturing units, digital boards are used to inform and educate workers about safety requirements, department segregation and equipment handling processes. New workers also gain understanding about the organization through such displays.

Affordability and usability are big issues when we talk  LED display screens.  One needs to figure out the needs first. For instance, if one need to attract the attention of passerby’s, then LED window displays are very effective. In case of sports news, financial news and net messaging, single line LED displays are more appropriate.

However, such varied needs could only be catered by a firm with diverse product portfolio. Ad Systems is one player that has the prowess to meet different demands of businesses. Apart from window and single line LED displays, it also offers multi line displays, pro video LED walls, showroom info director and large format LCD displays.

Specialized machines like freestanding info director demands a lot of technical expertise because of the features it include. It is one of the most advanced information systems in the market. Pro video LED walls also demand the same amount of skill from the automated system manufacturer. Ad Systems has made sure that they are known for dealing in such machines.

Apart from indoors, the company also offers outdoor products. It has been in the field of designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing automated display systems for the last three decades. This gives Automated Display Systems an edge over its rivals in the field of experience and knowhow. 

 So, it could be said that productivity of indoors as well as outdoors could be enhanced by making use of digital advertising.