Friday, 9 August 2013

14 Creative example of Advertising Billboard campaign for Business Promotion

01. Absolut Vodka

Examples of billboard advertising

02. iPod and iTunes

03. Nike: Run

04. Levis

05. Heineken

06. Black Tower Home Security

Billboard design

07. Sky Discovery Channel

Billboard design

08. BBC World

Billboard design  

09. Kill Bill

Billboard design

10. McDonald's sundial billboard

11. The Economist - Light Bulb

12. Koleston Naturals: Change

13. Bleeding billboard

14. Nose hair trimmer


  1. These are such great billboards! I am looking for a place that sells nice led display signs in Tallahassee FL. Have you come across any good ones?

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  3. Looks good but I think programmable led sign will beat all the traditional signs in the near future.

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